In the Sea of Time; December 2022
Oil on canvas, 41" diameter


30"x40", oil on canvas; July 2022

Salt Creek
Oil on birch panel, 12"x24"



Shimmer Day, Shimmer Night
Oil on aluminum panels, each panel 12"x16"


2021 - 2020



Morning, Night
Oil on canvas, each canvas 20" diameter


Haskell's Beach
Oil on Aluminum, 6"x9"



End of Summer 1 & 2
Oil on wood panels, each 6"x6"



End of Summer Moon
Oil on cradled birch panel, 9"x12"



East Beach
Oil on Aluminum, panels are 6"x9" Ocean paintings on aluminum panels


 After Rain
Oil on Aluminum, 8"x10"
Water Studies
Oil on board



Oil on board, 6"x8""